Eat to Evolve - About Us

About Eat To Evolve

Evolve is a unique company that can offer you a whole-body solution when it comes to achieving your goals. Evolve is owned and actively operated by a licensed doctor and classically trained chef. Whether it comes to weight loss, weight gain, or restricted diets, Evolve has you covered.

Evolve has undergone many changes since its inception. We can safely say we have “Evolved.” Originally created to be a small, home, personal chef service specializing in Paleo, Evolve is quite different now. While we are still based in Kansas City (Go Chiefs!), owners Chef Caleb Fechter and Dr. Jason Fechter have created an expeditious health food company. The Evolve family includes nine stores, a common kitchen and thousands of clients that swear by us (we are OK as long as they aren't swearing at us.)

Make sure you check out the FAQ section where you can learn about us, our food, and everything else you possibly want to know. Evolve is leading the way on health, education, food quality and healthy living. Thanks for stopping by.

The Paleo Origin...

Paleo was not the dawn of humans or so I am told (I was not there). But the Paleo era was really the first era that we started to eat in a way that is similar to now. We became more than hunter gatherers and started setting up some semblance of a society. It is also the era that we as human beings were our most healthy. Sure you had the occasional mountain lion that would eat you, and sure there was no medicine, so you did die early, but people were not dying from what they were eating.

Fast forward to today, where we have a society that is sick because of the food we are eating. We are so blinded by the companies making that food, that we do not even know what right looks like anymore. Can we really recreate what we were eating back then? No. In the Paleolithic era we may not have known where our next meal would come from and probably didn't quite know what that will be. But we did know that it would be healthy. Today, we are fairly sure our meal is coming from the grocery store. But it is questionable whether it is going to be healthy. That is the problem.

Evolve is a company that is dedicated to fusing the goodness of the Paleolithic era with the modern conveniences of today and creating products that we both know and love and creating a path forward for people who may be just a little bit lost in the woods.

Our food really started to get off track in the 1940’s, so think about our food as the food your great grandmother was eating when she was a child. This is where you will find Evolve.

...and Beyond

Evolve started as a strictly Paleo company. As we have grown, we have learned that there are many ways to eat healthy. Most diets start with good clean ingredients. For instance, Keto is a low carb version of Paleo. Most elimination diets start with eliminating gluten, dairy, soy, and excess sugar. Some people because of workout routine may want more carbs. We accommodate all these variants by simply being transparent as to what we are putting in your food.

We have a saying, "You do you". We want to support you in whatever you choose. We will still label the Paleo, Keto, Evolve 30 (elimination diet) items for your convenience, but know this is our interpretation of these diets and You (should always) Do You!

Evolve is here for you. Our sole mission is to make healthy meals that save you time. You can do anything you put your mind to… especially when you are fueled right. So go out and change the world, let us handle the cooking!