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December 20, 2021

8 Reasons People Quit on Their New Years’ Resolutions

Every year, beginning on January 1, millions of people pledge to fulfill a New Years’ resolution. For some, it’s about forming a new habit: eating better, working out or taking care of their mental health. For others, it’s about giving up the bad: quitting smoking or cutting back on consumption. For even more people, it’s just about having something to work toward.

Unfortunately, many people don’t see their resolutions through to the next year. They quit on them. Why? Let’s take a look at eight of the biggest reasons, and what you can do to avoid them—to keep your own New Years’ Resolution on-course this year.

  • Loss of focus. Lots of New Years’ resolutions get abandoned because people lose sight of why they made them in the first place. Whether it’s weight loss or a professional goal, keep the reason for the resolution in-mind just as much as the resolution itself. 
  • Loss of motivation. If you’re not seeing progress as fast as you want to, it’s easy to lose motivation. Setbacks are another motivation killer. If you’re struggling to find motivation or overcome a particular challenge, rally around your support system, double-down on your efforts and keep your eye on the goal!
  • Inconsistency. Some people are too loose with their goals and thus, struggle to make them consistent. Don’t move the goalposts back and forth: set a goal and stick to it! The less disciplined you are, the less fulfilling your reward will feel because you won’t have that same sense of accomplishment.  
  • Change in priorities. Sometimes, things change. Adapt new goals to keep yourself striving for improvement. You might find out you have a food allergy and need to change your diet. That shouldn’t stop your weight loss journey! You need to pivot and keep going. 
  • Major life events. A death in the family. The loss of a job. The birth of a child. A new relationship. Life doesn’t always make it easy to stay on track to accomplishing your resolution. Take these big events in stride and remember that your resolution deserves any attention you can give it. Don’t lose sight of your original goals. 
  • Forgetfulness. Some people just plain forget about their resolutions! It helps to write down daily, weekly or monthly goals somewhere, and to keep it central to your routine. Set reminders on your phone or write it on your bathroom mirror—whatever it takes to keep your goal top-of-mind. 
  • No support system. Some goals aren’t easy to achieve on your own. Every person needs a support system who can get behind them and give them the push forward they need—or catch them when they stumble. Surround yourself with people who will keep you on-track. 
  • Mental health. If you’re carrying a lot of mental weight, it’s easy to lose sight of resolutions—especially fitness resolutions that require motivation. If your mental health is keeping you from achieving your resolutions, it’s a sign that focus on mental health should be your true resolution to yourself. 
  • In addition to these pitfalls, keep in mind the most important tip for goal-setting: S.M.A.R.T goals. These are resolutions that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. The first step in achieving your resolution is setting a good one! To go the rest of the way, avoid the eight most-common pitfalls listed above. 

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