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January 27

Top 10 Reasons Why My New Year's Resolutions Fail

Now I cannot speak for everyone, but I love making NY Resolutions. It’s a time to embrace vision, goals and a blank slate. But sometimes my resolutions have not happened. While I believe in personal responsibility, sometimes it’s not my fault…ok, it's always my fault, but still. 

Top 10 Reasons Why My New Year's Resolutions Fail:

  1. I didn’t want it bad enough. I made a resolution on a whim and didn’t really want it to happen. I think that I wanted six pack abs. The problem is I thought about this on Dec 30 and when I made it, I already knew it wasn’t going to happen.
  2. My spouse is to blame. It’s true, Jason wrecks most of my new year’s resolutions. It’s very difficult to accomplish anything alone. A team pulling together is stronger than each on their own. 
  3. Active sabotage. My friends are sometimes not the most supportive. I totally understand why they want me to come drinking with them (I am, after all, the life of any party…)  But they know I am working on my six pack abs! It’s devilish sabotage really.
  4. No plan. I never put a plan together. It’s very difficult to make the perfect dinner without a recipe. It’s equally difficult to get abs when you have no plan to get there. 
  5. Not prepared mentally, spiritually or physically. If you want to run a marathon, most of us have to prepare. It doesn’t just happen. Most of us if we want to change something as big as our eating (it’s a huge part of our lives) must mentally prepare. We have to not only psych yourself up for it, we have to take physical steps to be successful. Some of these may include, ridding our lives of temptations (smoke all your cigarettes before the new year), get the proper gear (you want to start running in January, I dare you to do it without hat and gloves) and tell our tribe of people so they can help support.
  6. My grandmother. Her cookies are so good. I blame grandma for my lack of success. And maybe the chocolate covered pretzels…
  7. Lack of willpower. They say that willpower is finite. You only have so much each day. This goes back to planning and being prepared. 
  8. Not doing supporting activities. If you are wanting to lose weight, not ALSO being active will hinder your progress. If I want to make a million bucks, not taking that second job may hurt my progress.
  9. Allowing small defeats to derail. This is also willpower. If I want to lose weight, and I step on the scale and GAIN a pound. This can feel really defeating. But keeping steady and moving forward will feel better in the long run. BTW, did you know your weight can fluctuate up to eight pounds a day. So, really, the scale is a terrible tool by itself to measure progress.
Making a bad resolution. If I weigh 200 pounds and I want to lose 50 pounds, that is a bad goal. Understand that a realistic goal is 2 pounds per week to a point…Once you hit optimal weight, it becomes much harder to be healthy AND lose weight. If I was a drug trafficker and compulsive gambler and I resolved to be a nun, that may be a road too far. Just keep those resolutions realistic and reasonable.

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