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Executive Chef Caleb Fechter has been swimming in the culinary waters since he was in high school - cutting his teeth in a small town steakhouse as a grill cook.

In 2012, Chef started meal prepping for private clients and uncovered the Paleo lifestyle by request. These tenets resonated with Chef, and he quickly adopted them as his own: Simple food made well.

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About Eat to Evolve

Eat To Evolve crashed the meal prep party in 2012 from a small kitchen in Lenexa, Kansas.

Throughout our evolution, we opened storefront locations sprinkled over the midwest, with Chef Caleb at the helm.

In 2020, we sustained the global shift towards e-commerce and moved to find a way to bring Chef to you. Our kitchen is now located in Kansas City,

Kansas and our love for this city runs deep.

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    Our kitchen is 100% free of soy and gluten. All day, every day.

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    We are proud to support small growers and farmers who honor both life and land.

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    No one should pay for something they hate. Contact us if you're not satisfied.

Simple food, made well.

From my family to yours,

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